The City Walk Guide App (“The app”) is intended to be a companion tool on your city tours, and not a substitute for an organized touristic event.
The app is not intended to be a car navigation system, nor any other guidance purpose system, nor to be used in other purposes. You are using this app at your own risk.


The points of interest (POIs) as food (mostly as take away food), restrooms, etc. are chosen from practical point of view, ex. close to the itinerary, next to monuments, and not for publicity purposes.
The information displayed in the app is on “as is” basis and can contain erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete data, even if collected to the best of our knowledge and conscience.


We do not take responsibility for decisions and their consequences taken by the user, based solely on the information provided in this app.
Before traveling, you should consult and consider the recommandations of the office for foreign affairs of your country, regarding the locations you will visit.


The current app version is working only with an internet access, in order to buffer the map for the current selected city tour. This could cause costs if mobile data is used.
The app needs the location service of the mobile device to be activated, in order to use the tour guide and achievement system.


The number of days per city tour, proposed by our team, should be interpreted rather as a recommandation than a challenge.


Privacy Policy

Our website address is: https://citywalkguide.com


No user data or location information is stored or forwarded by the app.
Solely, the map service provider will collect and store anonymous telemetric data on device-level, for accounting purposes. Please find more details on https://www.mapbox.com/privacy/#[AaMSWwdd]
We do not take responsibility for the content behind links of third parties, provided in our app and this website. If you are deciding to follow these links, you do so entirely at your own risk.


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