Welcome to the City Walk Guide app homepage!

The City Walk Guide app is intended to be a companion tool during your city tours, designed as minimalist as reasonable but as large as necessary and easy to use.

In the full version (for android version 6 and later) we have prepared itineraries for 100 most visited cities on 6 continents. Please find more details under the itineraries link.
The free app version contains itineraries for 25 cities on 5 continents: Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome and Vatican City, Athens, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Zurich, Lisbon, Saint-Petersburg, Brussels, Budapest (Europe); New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Lima (North and South America); Tokyo, Beijing, Hong-Kong (Asia); Sydney, Melbourne (Australia).

We are continuously working on new itineraries in new cities around the world, and ready for preparing and adding customer specific itineraries. Please contact us for a quotation.
Also we are planing in the future a French and a German version of the app.

We’re looking forward for your feedback!

Enjoy the app,
Your City Walk Guide team.